Instructions of accessing the site “OLIMP”

The site of Olimp bookmakers is not working. Where can find mirror of the site? How to open "Olimp"? To leave the troubles of accessing, or behind, you may use one of solutions for connecting with the sites. It is good to remember that there is no “universal cure” for problems with access.

If Olimp shows up as blocked, then your service provider has restricted the access to our sites. The possibility of accessing the official site of Olimp bookmaker lies with the provider, that`s why there are different methods of optimizing the access. If one of the methods did not work for you, please try another.

The proxies included in the recommended options are trusted. Olimp guarantees your confidentiality while sending data through these proxies.

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Browser extensions

Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Мozilla Firefox, install official plugin Olimp Extension. Plugin is available here or at Mozilla extension store: Menu - Add-ons - Search all add-ons. Enter Olimp in the searching line and install plugin with our logo.

Plugin is supported by Mozilla Firefox version 41.0 and more recent. If the extension doesn’t work in your browser, update it, please.

Access through Opera-turbo browser

If Olimp is blocked there is an option to connect through Opera browser. To do this you need to download the setup application from the official site: Opera

How does it work?

In general Opera Turbo is hosted on an intellectual cloud technology. After entering this mode, the sites you requested will be forwarded to one of the special Opera servers that is dedicated to traffic compression. This in general works like this – from the site you are browsing are taken away all of the unnecessary elements, not needed pixels of images, diagnostics are made on your connection and you get a compressed data stream. And only afterwards the site will open on your device.

What about my sensitive information?

Opera takes keeping your confidential information secret and never involves itself in the secured connection. If you are viewing a secured website, for example the site of your bank or your email, Opera Turbo will not interfere with your connection anyhow. In this case, the confidential data is send directly from your device to the provider’s site without any third parties.

How to use the Tor browser


1. Download the setup for Tor from the official site..
2. Install it on your computer.


When selecting the first option, a window of settings will appear. This window will appear only once, at the first launch of Tor (but the settings you can change also in the future – we will explain how).

The second option will take into consideration the initial setup of Tor. If you chose this path, then a window with detailed options will be shown: Does this computer need a proxy for accessing the internet? Answers: Yes/No.

Proxy (proxy server) – “third party” between you and the internet resources you want to access. Sometimes users are behind such proxy servers. To establish is this your case or not, check the settings of the browser you use by default to surf the internet on this computer. For example for Mozilla Firefox: Open the settings tab – Options – Advanced – Network – and under Connection click on Settings.. If in this window the default option is “No Proxy”, means that you need to answer “No” in Tor settings, or to specify the address of the proxy (HTTP). Now press the button “Forward”.

Next will be shown a window with a question: "Does this computer's Internet connection go through a firewall that only allows connection to certain ports?" Yes/No.

The Administrator of Tor will give a possibility to answer the question about the browser (firewall). Firewall can be in a form of software and also hardware. To answer this question you need to know if there is such a security measure to your internet connection, and if yes, if it interferes with the ports at any way (then you should answer “Yes”). If you do not know, that is how it usually is, Tor developers suggest to answer “No”. Now pressing “Forward”.

Clicking on the button “Connect” launches your connection to the network of Tor (described higher).

The official site of Olimp bookmaker should be available now.

Access through VPN



  1. Install the application HideMe for Windows
  2. Enter your access code {code} and choose the server you would like to connect.

It should be taken into consideration that servers located closer to you will be faster than others.
In case of not being able to access:

  1. To check if the application is run with the Administrative rights and is it not interfering with Firewall or the Anti-Virus program to browse the internet.
  2. To try and switch the different settings of the program in the section – General. Try to go through these settings one by one until one works : OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, L2TP, PPTP.
  3. If the first two steps didn’t help, try to connect without using the application or to contact the Support of



Enter your code {code} at the site and follow the step by step information how to connect to VPN on Mac OS.

Mobile platforms Android and iOS:

The connection to VPN is carried out without any kind of applications. Enter your code {code} at the site and follow the step by step information how to connect to VPN on your mobile device. To get the {code} for access You need to contact the Customer Support of Olimp bookmakers.

Opera VPN

Setting up

To get access to the official site of Olimp bookmaker, You need to click on the link and register.

After the registration You will be given a list of options for what type of operating system you want to download:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOs
  • Android

Security while on Wi-Fi

The banking level decipherment of your connection grants you full security while connected over Wi-Fi and other unsecured networks.

Personal data security

The sites “do not see” your IP-address, that`s why you can rest assured that you stay anonymous and nobody can follow your activities.

Full confidentionality

Everything that you do online is secure from hackers, possibility of somebody following your movements and monitoring.

Configuration of Proxy

To get access to sites of Olimp bookmakers you need to set the address for Proxy default settings:

To add you also should change the DNS settings, detailed explanation can be found here
How to do it is described lower:


  • Internet Explorer:
    Service - Browser settings - Connections - Network Configuration - Connection - Configure - Use proxy server for local connections( does not apply for switched or VPN connections)
  • Firefox:
    Tools - Options - Advanced - Network - Connection - Configure - Automatic proxy configuration URL
  • Opera:
    Options - Preferences - Advanced - Network - Proxy-servers - Automatic proxy configuration
  • Chrome:
    Options - Show advanced options - Network - Change proxy server configuration - Connections->Network configuration - Use automatic script
  • Safari:
    Options - Extensions->Proxy: change settings - Connections - Network configuration - Use automatic configuration script.


  • Firefox:
    Tools - Options - Advanced - Network - Connection - Configure - Automatic proxy configuration URL
  • Chrome and Safari:
    Preferences – Advanced – Proxies (Change settings button) – Select – Auto Proxy Discovery option – OK.

Setup of Proxy plug-ins for browsers

Plugin frigate CDN

This checks if the site is accessible or not, if not then the browser connects to a proxy and redirects the traffic through it. Our proxies are not overloaded and are created especially for us, that`s the reason we can guarantee almost the same speed of access to our sites. To add, any website from our list is always available, even in cases the provider has accidentally blocked it.

Plugin Proxy for Google Chrome

Plugin Proxy-Chrome has extensive settings for proxying through other countries.

NetZapret application

Download and install application of NetZapret. Olimp bookmakers site will be available after installation. The application knows our up to date list of mirrors for Olimp. A mirror of Olimp will guarantee You the access to your personal cabinet.

Find out more about the application on the developer's official website Screenshot of netzapret programm

DNS setup for different operating systems

Windows operating system:

  • Windows 2000/2003
    1. Press start, chose Configuration -> Control panel.
    2. In new window click the Network connections icon (or network and remote network access)
    3. Chose local connections icon, right click on it and chose preferences.
    4. Chose Internet protocol(TCP/IP) and press preferences.
    5. Click Chose the following DNS server addresses. In the preferable DNS server field enter and press OK.
  • Windows XP
    1. Press start, chose Control panel.
    2. Double click the Network connections icon.
    3. In the Network connections window chose local area connections. ( it should be in “connected” state)
    4. Double click it and in the opened window click Preferences
    5. Chose “Internet protocol TCP/IP” and click options.
    6. Chose Use the following DNS servers. In the field primary DNS server enter and click OK
  • Windows 7
    1. Click Network and Internet access icon, chose Network and sharing center.
    2. In the opened window click Local connection settings.
    3. Chose Properties.
    4. Chose Internet Protocol vertion 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Options.
    5. Mark Use the following DNS servers. In the field primary DNS server enter and click OK

Apple Mac OSХ:

  1. Press on the Apple icon on the upper left corner, and chose System Preferences.
  2. Go to DNS section and press the button +.
  3. Add to the section
  4. Press the button OK.


  • Ubuntu
    1. Press the icon Network and choose the option Change connection.
    2. Choose the Network Connection you want to edit and double click on it.
    3. Go to the Settings tab IPv4 and click on Profile.
    4. 4. Enable the section – Automatic (DHCP addresses only), in the field Server put in DNS and confirm these changes by pressing the Save button.
  • Different Linux versions (through the command line):
    1. sudo sed -i "/nameserver/i nameserver" /etc/resolv.conf